Openness to feedback: top tips


openness to feedback: top tips

No matter what we do we are learning. When we learn we open our self up to receiving feedback.

No matter what we do we are learning. When we learn we open our self up to receiving feedback. Feedback is a powerful resource for improvement. I like to think of feedback as if we can be 1% better each time we attend to our learning. Over time this allows for feedback, continuous improvement and being present in what is possible. Be open to feedback. Take the chance to receive feedback as your grow and develop.

My tips for taking on board and approaching the receiving of feedback in relation to your performance are:

1.     Realise feedback is a part of your growth.

2.     Ask for feedback.

3.     Accept that at times you can receive feedback that may be a shock to you. This is ok, as over time you can turn this into a positive learning and feedback situation. 

4.     As you begin to develop routines and mindful practice to support your growth, you can begin to identify specific parts of your learning situation that you would like feedback on. You can ask for suggestions for continual improvement.

5.     You could create a formal feedback system for your audience, such as s checklist. This may be especially helpful for not only skills your display but also the knowledge you are sharing.

6.     Be open to positive feedback. I know that there are times when we feel self conscious, but positive feedback is what helps us grow.

7.     Appreciate all types of feedback.

8.     Be open and remember to not judge those who provide feedback. They are after all coming from different perspectives and are most likely not tuned into what you have and are experiencing nerves wise.

9.     Video yourself over time allowing yourself the chance to review your own performance over time. You could even ask a trusted friend to view with you, thus allowing you to discuss.

10.  Act on feedback.

11.  Try not to fix everything at once. Remember to be mindful, that is be open to being self aware, present and coming from a space of non judgement.