Mindful Building


mindful building

Everyone has a horror story it seems about building works and renovations to one’s home.

Everyone has a horror story it seems about building works and renovations to one’s home. My mindfulness is being challenged with the return of a builder to our home to complete work unfinished and that should have been addressed some time ago. I shan’t tell you how long this has been going on for, but for those who spend regular time with me, their reaction is usually centred around “WHAT?????!!!????? is that still going on”. 

So my mindfulness practice is under the spotlight.

I kind of like that as it is giving me a personal challenge to make sure I stay true to myself and maintain a regular practice. I have good intentions to stay calm, breathe, and be in the moment. Paired with a few mindfulness study episodes coming up, I’m really looking forward to seeing how I grow in this adventure. 

I’m noticing after one day returning to an unexpected work site within our home that:

1. Dust loves renovations, they are a close partnership, and with this comes the impedement of breathing. I’m being mindful about taking in the fresh air at the moment and stepping outside and away to make sure I can maintain a practice of regular deep full breathing while looking after my overall health. 

2. Mindfulness is well known for supporting stronger relationships. Attentive listening and being more present supports this growth and will come in handy as ongoing communication is required in this situation. 

3. Mindfulness and being present with your own thoughts highlights how reactions to annoying situations or people’s reactions/words can be cultivated in such a way that you notice them, acknowledge them, then move on much quicker. This self awareness really supports the “not wearing” other people’s “rubbish" and gives perspective on situations.

4. Communication is key in home renovations and what I love about a mindfulness practice is  that emotions that are raw and that I often struggle to communicate without being dressed up in anger or tears are able to be more effectively communicated. Being in the moment, slowing my breathing, listening and focusing on the details of the conversation allow me to talk through each step, ask questions, and follow the development of the building works.

5. I’m also practicing gratitude. I’m grateful that the builder has decided to respond to requests for work to be completed and is working towards having this completed. I’m grateful that I can do this with my partner, and that we can talk through stages and emotions that emerge while supporting one another. 

6. Acceptance is vital. I’m accepting where we are at and working through what is possible to complete this task at hand in a professional and effective way. 

Being mindful is providing me with the chance to be in the moment and process the renovations and to be grateful for the chance to have a house completed that can become a home. I’m looking forward to sharing how my practice develops throughout the next few months.

What strategies do you use to help keep you in a mindful state while navigating life’s challenges and surprises?