Mindfulness helps us with the how of using our strengths


Mindfulness and strengths

Mindfulness helps us with the how of using our strengths

There is a growing body of research that illuminates the importance of the use and performance of your strengths each day. Daily use has been associated to your overall wellbeing in relation to meaning, positive emotions, relationships and accomplishments as well as helping you can feel more confident, energised and happier.

When we are mindful we better use our strengths. Mindfulness offers the how for the practice of strengths. It reminds us of being intentional. What do I mean by this? Well, I have been thinking about two main ways we could look at this. They are interrelated but slightly different.

Firstly, by slowing down, becoming curious and paying attention we are able to better use our strengths. Mindfully applying strengths allows for a balance and to look closely at the doing (or our performance) of our strengths. This is where we can be conscious, present and self-aware of the use of our strengths while being careful not to over or under use them. As such mindfulness becomes a catalyst to reframe situations where we can utilise our strengths (either individually or clustered together). This is where the mindful pause (noticing without judgement and being full present with what is occurring for us) can come into play as we navigate what needs we need to address for our self, how we might approach a situation, and what strength or strengths we may engage with at the time.

Secondly, when we can express our strengths and be present with ongoing learning about self we are being mindful. In this way the embodiment of strengths means we are being mindful - open, curious, aware, present, grateful, compassionate. This allows us to disrupt situations that may cause us stress. The integration of mindfulness with strengths practice allows for us to become more aware of not only negative/ troubling thoughts and feelings but also to become more aware of positive thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.

So my two take aways are mindfulness and strengths partner together incredibly well as a way to support us to flourish and thrive.


Strengths and mindfulness are interdependent and assist us to really tune into the what and how we can continue to grow, learn and explore. If we pair both of these ways of utilising mindfulness and strengths there is so much potential and opportunity to create opportunity to enhance how we engage with our self and with others.