Confused about mindfulness?


Confused about mindfulness?

Inviting you to share your voice

I’m rather passionate about mindfulness. It was first informal practices then more formal practices including mediation that I first engaged with after I acknowledged I was burnt out a few years ago.

As I read, learn, practice and explore more I am appreciative of those who find the concept of mindfulness difficult or have questions or present with challenges. I’m an advocate for exploring these further.

As such I have six questions I’d love to ask you as part of a mini research project I’m currently undertaking to find out more about your blockers. I’d love to use these findings (all anonymous) to support the development of programs and information that can help you and others.

Want to tell me about your challenges?

Want to ask some of those questions you have never had a chance to ask?

Confused about aspects of mindfulness?

If you click here you’ll be able to access the link that will take you to a quick survey designed to take you 5 - 10 minutes.

I’d really love to know more about what you think.

And thank you.