one word: the power of a mantra to reconnect us to our why


one word: the power of a mantra to reconnect us to our why

Mantras help remind us of being present, and of the truth.

When you have a little saying or a supportive word you tell yourself regularly you can view these as a mantra, that is a statement or slogan that energizes and centres you. By repeating this mantra to yourself regularly, it is surprising how quickly you can allow yourself to become aware of some of those repeated patterns that are perhaps not so kind to yourself. In utilising a mantra, you can begin to diffuse that inner critic of yours.

When I do something physically hard, like mountain bike riding, I have a mantra I tell myself, or in this case speak out loud to myself as there is usually no one else around in the middle of the forest. “Yeah, Narelle, you do it, keep going” is my mantra when I overcome an obstacle, or I feel as if I have improved with my speed on a single track or when I jump a tree log on the bike rather than walk over it carrying my bike by my side.  When I public speak, my adrenaline flows that I get clammy hands, and the feeling of a hot flush. My mantra is “Narelle, this is ok. It’s a part of being excited for what you are about to speak about. You can do it. It will go away, it’s just the body being excited”. And for the year of 2018 I have a one word mantra, that is “inspire”.

Some other common mantras you may have heard are:

You are exactly where you need to be right now.

You can do it.

Just do your best.

You are worthy.

Mantras help remind us of being present, and of the truth. That is when we are under pressure to perform or we feel like we are not valued, or we are feeling a little lost, and the body and mind is going into the fight, flight or freeze state, a mantra reminds of being present. A mantra helps us  remember that we are working towards a goal in a curious and open minded way. It’s an encouragement to you and an acknowledgment that you are continually learning.

In a recent workshop I facilitated with those undertaking higher degree research study through a Masters, professional doctorate or a PhD and supervisors I talked about the connecting to your ‘why' - in this case the 'why' of doing this study and how it connects to where one wants to be, what contribution that one wants to make, what one is passionate about, and how one might achieve this vision. We established one word mantras as reminders of one’s why and to support working towards the bigger picture.

I share some of these one word mantras as a way to inspire  you as much as they inspired me:




















What might your mantra be?