project you

2018 is all about vision, ingenuity, originality and possibilities for the future, let’s make this work for you. Through one-on-one coaching I can help you explore ‘PROJECT YOU’.


Exhausted, multi-tasking but not getting anywhere?

Want to refocus?

Have a creative project you want to shift from just being an idea?

Want to find some mindful time?

Would love to add more creativity to your life?

Need to problem solve a project idea?

Want to get more organised?

Want to put a team together but not sure how?

Want to be able to be more productive in a shared office space?

Would love to refocus your career?

Want to connect to your passion?

Need to find your mo-jo?

Sometimes we just need a little help to refocus and explore our ideas.

Let’s work together and let me guide you and get you exploring and creating your possibilities.


There are three one hour sessions as a part of the ‘PROJECT YOU’ package that are scaffolded like this:

1.     Connect and Explore: focus on project you

2.     Your Plan: short and long terms goals designed for you

3.     A rejuvenated you: plan, expand and go create ‘PROJECT YOU’

These can be face-to-face (I’m located in Melbourne) or online (anywhere, anytime).

In between sessions you will have endless email support.

what you need

-       Curiosity

-       Openness

-       Integrity

-       I can’t wait to do this attitude

-       Your idea or focus for ‘PROJECT YOU’