No email before 11am

This is a great concept. I really like it. And before, you panic and go into all the "what if” scenarios, let's remind ourselves that:


- email is not the only way to communicate

- we do not set our agendas for the day by email

- email is one way to let us know of something, but if it is important and has come up at the last minute then it is not the best tool to share this information

- we have many things to do in a day, email is one of them, not the only task

- we don’t need to live on email 

- nothing much is achieved if our focus is always email


Let's explore why...

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mindful connection to the everyday

Mindfulness is not just about meditation. Although a wonderful practice, or strategy if you like (as some mediation is better than no mediation), the discussions around mindfulness do not centre just around this despite this focus shared in popular media. It is one of the first mistakes many people make when they first try to be more mindful. 

As we explore being more mindful. There are some things that we can do to help us leave being stuck in our head refocus. Have you tried...

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creating possibilities to be creative

"I'm not arty" or "I don't do art" are often comments I hear when working in the art studio with young adults training to become teachers or with those I work with in coaching.  The emotion for some that surrounds doing art or making art seems to ignite powerful feelings of fear and worry. I often wonder what happened for this to emerge. For me art, or creativity, is about expression, imagination, and there being no one answers. The later is what excites me as I can create overtime, in the moment and be with my thinking as an idea emerges and develops.

I began to think about the Arts, but more explicitly creativity. What is it about the word 'creativity' that scares some and motivates others? Why is the very act of creativity associated to just the Arts?

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how yoga reminds me of writing

As the year progresses and the end of the year comes closer (I heard someone talk about how many days to Christmas just the other day, yikes!), like for many of us,  setting goals and making some changes to how I live my personal and professional life is coming to the forefront. One of the most significant changes for me that I have made is returning to regular barre and yoga practice and lessons.

My mine is so refreshed after a great week of sessions pushing myself and feeling more aligned. This morning reminded me of a few important factors that I had forgotten in amongst the hustle of the bustle of life.

The mind is a powerful tool to get through pain. Now in the context of yoga, poses do remind us of the pain in the body. For me my tight shoulders and hamstrings scream when I move into many of the poses. But persistence and flexibility within each pose, aligned to breathing releases the tension. The mind can wander however in owning the pain, refocusing and being present, small and progressive steps allow for improvement.

This reminds me of writing.

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mindful building

Everyone has a horror story it seems about building works and renovations to one’s home. My mindfulness is being challenged with the return of a builder to our home to complete work unfinished and that should have been addressed some time ago. I shan’t tell you how long this has been going on for, but for those who spend regular time with me, their reaction is usually centred around “WHAT?????!!!????? is that still going on”. 

So my mindfulness practice is under the spotlight.

I kind of like that as it is giving me a personal challenge to make sure I stay true to myself and maintain a regular practice. I have good intentions to stay calm, breathe, and be in the moment. Paired with a few mindfulness study episodes coming up, I’m really looking forward to seeing how I grow in this adventure. 

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always connected

We have now become accustomed to being always connected. Most of us have multiple devices, we have multiple social media accounts (sometimes multiple with the same platform for different audiences and purposes), and we have multiple email accounts. Our way of communicating and keeping connected with the outside world is primarily through the digital. It is not uncommon to hear that most people sleep with their smartphone next to their bed, it is the last thing check before we sleep and the first thing we check when we wake. 

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breathing for transitions: mindful strategy to bring you back in focus

Sometimes we carry burdens with us. They get heavier and heavier, you know when they keep going around and around in our mind. We keep replaying the worry, and if you are like me, every version of a response, alternative or perspective is problem solved. All in the mind. 

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3 tips to get you off to the right start for the week

As the a new week begins we often need a bit of a pep-me-up to make sure we get through the week as energised as we started. So here are my three tips to get you off to the right start for the week. 

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I'm not creative! Think again, any problem can be approached through creative thinking

Everyone is creative!

When we are mindful of creating opportunities in our daily life to be creative, we are approaching a problem in an innovative and original way. We are also, taking care of ourselves and our mental health, its about self awareness, boosting self esteem, being in the moment and present, calming our mind and quieting the mind and the negative self talk, and most of all being non judgemental.
No matter what we do, we can think creatively.

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Tweet Chat 101: using social media for learning

Social media for learning is one of the best resources available to us. I’m a fan of the access to content that supports our growth for learning. Active participation, or even being an elegant lurker, allows for the engagement that can trigger ideas, inspiration, connections, and possibility. The chance to explore ideas connected to current thinking or interests is prevalent.

What I particularly like is the platform of Twitter for links to focused conversations that can come from Tweet Chats. In thinking about this way of connecting I’ve become aware that many of us have not participated in a Tweet Chat nor heard of a Tweet Chat. So this post is an introduction to the 101 of Tweet Chat participation.

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Resting and learning from others

Over the end of year period we all stop...or at least try to stop. We connect with family and friends. But importantly we connect with our self and what we have learnt, and how we wish to improve ways we work and engage with others. Self care comes into play.

The time away from my work, colleagues, and research for me is required. My time away is about renewal and reinvigoration.  I want to take care of myself so I can continue to do what I love. A part of this is stopping and rethinking how I can do this. The stopping is the most important part of this process. Rest is vital.  I also read about how others do this. I ask the question: How can I renew and reinvigorate our ways of working so that we can be smarter in our approaches?

An article Ihave read that has captured my attention is 12 Weekend Habits of Highly Successful People. This is what I have learnt…

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there is no right or wrong of being creative: my top 8 tips

I find it rather empowering when I have the realisation that there is no one way of doing something. That there is no right or wrong. You know that feeling when you realise you can be who you want to be, you can approach a task how you want to, you can think about something from any perspective, and you can be so open to what is possible. For me this is what creativity allows me to explore — choice, freedom, and expression. It allows me to connect to the present and be immersed in thoughts, feelings, senses, seeing, hearing, breathing, and moving.

Everyone is creative. BUT many of us think we are not.

So if you are exploring how you can be creative or find more time to add creativity to your life think about these ideas. My top 8 tips...

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openness to feedback: top tips

No matter what we do we are learning. When we learn we open our self up to receiving feedback. Feedback is a powerful resource for improvement. I like to think of feedback as if we can be 1% better each time we attend to our learning. Over time this allows for feedback, continuous improvement and being present in what is possible. Be open to feedback. Take the chance to receive feedback as your grow and develop.

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feeling like a fraud: the secret sense of imposter syndrome and mindful thinking

Who hasn't felt like they were out of place or not able to live up to others' expectations? Who finds them self asking "what if?" Many, and actually most people, do experience these feelings at one time or another.

This feeling and thinking is often associated to Imposter Syndrome. This is a term phrased by clinical psychologists Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes in 1978 and refers to high achieving individuals who internalize their achievements and accomplishments and display a persistent worry of being exposed for not knowing as much as they think others think they know. It is often associated to feeling like a fraud. There is often a feeling of not beingas smart or talented as people think. Often there is a feeling of not being deserving or experienced in the area, skill, or task being undertaken, completed or lead.

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5 steps to reconnecting to your goals and intentions and setting those boundaries

It’s April! Where did that come from?!? This means we are a quarter of the way through the year, and it is indeed a timely reminder to reconnect with goals and intentions set at the start of the year. 

I’ve been working with several clients who are finding that they have shifted away from their main goal for the year. This is not because it is not important to them. Rather “life” and “busyness” have taken them in tangents and circles that have meant there is a feeling of non success and of being overwhelmed in relation to their yearly intention. The more I tune into this occurrence with those who I am working with, the more I am coming across others in my life who are feeling this way as well.

This is a timely reminder to set boundaries around what it is you want to achieve, and how.  It’s time to reconnect!

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mindful walking - top tips for showing some self-care

We all walk. But we are usually walking fast on the way to something, thinking about a task we need to complete, something that is worrying us,  or the person we are meeting. We often walk without noticing what we are thinking, doing, or feeling. Often we can be walking while talking on the phone or listening to music.  And it’s not that uncommon for us to just walk in an automatic mode as a means to get us from point A to B; it is after all something we do pretty much everyday.

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