3 tips to get you off to the right start for the week

As the a new week begins we often need a bit of a pep-me-up to make sure we get through the week as energised as we started. So here are my three tips to get you off to the right start for the week. 


Set your intention for the week. And think personal AND professional. This is a little different to goal setting, think more mindful goal setting and focus more on the purpose or attitude toward what you would like to achieve for the week. For example, I have set the personal intention to make sure I go to Barre or Pilates classes at least three times in the morning before work. This is to help both my body and mind. Professionally, I may set the intention to not look at my email until 10am so I can spend the morning writing to meet deadlines I have coming up and to capitalise on the freshness of my thinking at this time of the day. The most important aspect of an intention is your awareness, and of course not being hard on yourself; if your intention goes slightly south a few times that is okay and you can regroup. Having the intention sets the space and time for your wish. 

Eat well

Watch what you eat and think mindfully about when and how you do eat. A little slowing down allows us to refocus, energise, and fuel the mind and body. A few little treats are fine mixed between healthy choices. There is nothing like the power of veggies to support creative thinking and productivity. 

Remember to breath

There are great mindful and mediation practices available to help us slow down, become more self aware, and to be grateful and address those high expectations we put on our self (and others). I've written before about breathing for transitions and another wonderful strategy that can be used anywhere anytime is the 3 minute breathing space. You can do this with your eyes open or closed, and indeed by yourself or with others around you (I've done this one is cafes or meetings). 

Notice. Pay attention to what is, that is attend broadly to your experience, noting it, but without the need to change. Observe, almost like you are watching yourself or the situation you are in.
Breath. Focus on your breathe. Shift from shallow breathes or fast paced breathing to deep diaphragm breathing. Think of the breathe and your body, making it a point of focus. Slow down the inhale and exhale. 
Notice the body as a whole. The third step invites you to widen your attention to the body as a whole. Keep breathing deeply and now notice any sensations that are present.

Have a great week, and enjoy the chance to flourish. 

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