breathing for transitions: mindful strategy to bring you back in focus

Sometimes we carry burdens with us. They get heavier and heavier, you know when they keep going around and around in our mind. We keep replaying the worry, and if you are like me, every version of a response, alternative or perspective is problem solved. All in the mind. 

There comes a time when we need to let them go. To release them.

One strategy that I have been exploring is a breathing transition. In this strategy we set the intention to let go, to slow down, to stop, and be present with the moment, rather than positioned within our mind and not present. You can try it as well.

Put the burden down.

You can pick it up again later (if you wish).

Bring your attention back to your breath.

Pay attention to your breathe and apply, if you like the conscious thought of breathing in for three counts, holding for four counts, and breathing out for five. Repeat a few times or for as long as you require until you are refocused and present with your breathe and your body as the diaphragm and lungs do their job. 

Take the breathes purposely and bring your attention to the task you need to attend to. 

Take a moment to be present with the intention of this task. (What is it you want to achieve, how will you do this, what will you be focusing on, how will you be present, how much time will you honour this task?)

Be aware of your mind and your sensations in your whole body as these intention(s) are set. (Make sure they are right for you)

Now transition to the task. Be mindful, aware of your breathing, thoughts, behaviour and attention as you move forward. 

Repeat as you finish this task and move to the next. 

I also find this strategy wonderful for when I feel overwhelmed with so many "to do" items in my calendar. It really focuses me and what I need to focus supports my productivity. I always feel focused and satisfied with how I've felt, be present, and the quality of my work.