Explore your nerves and performance anxiety in the workplace and within creative experiences. This coaching and workshop explores what happens with your body and thoughts when one is under pressure to perform on stage, within a group, or at work. 


You will learn about:

- Being mindful of how your body and thoughts respond to stress

- Identifying productive and unproductive coping strategies

- Planning for your performance, presentation or speech

- Goal setting for you and what's right for you

- Mindful strategies including easy breathing techniques

- Realizing there is no right or wrong way to approach creativity and performance


Getting the best out of your team and celebrating strengths in order to promote creativity, flow, and productivity while aligning to business vision and values is vital now. Sometimes we need to explore or reconnect to how we do this as leaders and team members.  We want you to be inspired, to feel empowered, and to promote innovation. 


You will learn about:

- Being a leader who supports team members to be creative, flow and productive

- How to get the best out of your teams

- How to work with one another and connect with strengths

- Productivity, brainstorming strategies and mindfulness for teams to support flow

- Creative problem solving for teams and leaders


Explore and create opportunities for yourself to flourish through addressing your approach to productivity personally and/or professionally.


You will learn about:

- Setting mindful intentions

- Being aware of the difference between goals and intentions

- Time management

- Connecting to your values and purpose


Social media for learning is one of the best resources available to us. There is a wealth of access to content that supports our growth for learning and access to networks. Active participation, or even being an elegant lurker, allows for the engagement that can trigger ideas, inspiration, connections, and possibility. The chance to explore ideas connected to current thinking or interests is prevalent.


Coaching and workshops are available in:

- One to one or small group coaching to focus your specific needs with social media for learning

- Practical workshops on establishing profiles, brand, and exploration of how to network to support learning

- How to to explore hashtags and Tweet Chats to support learning

- How to create a social media communication and learning strategy (approaches, protocols, who, what, how, audience, use of images, parental permission, student engagement, staff engagement, purpose, etc)

- How to build your confidence and flow to tweet, pin and post

So you are going to teach a workshop or learning experience (face-to-face or online). Much like a cup of peppermint tea, this coaching offers the chance to undergo a overall check up to improve flow, creativity, communication and relationships with your audience while running workshops.

The session explores how to flourish with workshop delivery:

- How to design your workshop so it flows and stimulates confidence and creativity in your audience

- How to promote your workshop

- How to engage with your learners to get the best out of your workshop

- The 101 of workshop development including how to set learning objectives, create flow in the workshop,  work with your audience, and capture feedback

- Practical strategies to support creativity, flow and communication

- Video reflection of your practice

You will explore and learn about:

- Where do I start?

- How do I plan and prepare?

- How do I market?

- How do I engage the participants?

- Welcoming the participants

- Learning and teaching strategies to support a community and collaborative environment

- Getting organised

- Connecting to get the best out of your participants

- Exploring strategies to support flow, creativity and confidence

- Generating feedback and testimonials

This coaching and workshop is underpinned by my education background with a pedagogy and approach that highlights what you have to consider when you are going to teach and run a workshop. There is more to being good at your field, you must be good at your workshop planning, delivery and engaging with your audience. Develop your skills to help better create and deliver content. There is more than just winging it or being good at yoga, painting, print making, music, writing, or your desired field.