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Feb Flourish is 28 days of photos generated by you and shared on Instagram with others in the month of February. Each day we have a different theme that shows how we can place self-care and our wellbeing at the centre of our life in order to help us flourish.

Feb Flourish has been created and launched for the first time in 2019 to inspire you and us, and to support the exploration of how diverse the approach to self-care can be.

Join in. 

Each day we will have a different theme. For 2019 here are our themes:

  1. Hello. Intro yourself. 

  2. Grateful.

  3. Pushes you.

  4. Want to do again.

  5. Random.

  6. Mentor.

  7. Surprise.

  8. Curiosity.

  9. Relationship deepener.

  10. Mindfully Present. 

  11. Creative. 

  12. Listen.

  13. Love.

  14. Self-care.

  15. Self-aware.

  16. Open.

  17. Honest.

  18. Humor. 

  19. Ritual.

  20. Digital.

  21. By yourself.

  22. Habit.

  23. Communication. 

  24. Smile.

  25. Movement.

  26. Kindness.

  27. Care.

  28. Social. 


Participate when you can. It’s ok if you miss a day.

Be inspired by the daily word and interpret based on your life and experiences. 

Share with the hashtag (#FebFlourish).

Appreciate others postings.

Invite others to join in.

Learn from others, you never know how you may be inspired.


Any questions?

Contact Narelle at hello [at] exploreandcreateco.com

See the action.

Click here for a focused look at #FebFlourish.