working to your strengths


Would you like to work with your strengths?

In this coaching package I can help you to:

  • Address new opportunities

  • Connect to where you want to be

  • Get started in making connections

  • Help with set new goals

  • Assist you to rejuvenate yourself

  • Realign your worries that have emerged

  • Shift the pondering

  • Support the career change you want

  • Set new goals

  • Align your new vision

  • Reaffirm where you are heading

  • Make new connections

  • Support you to feel more energised and passionate about what you do

As an accredited Strength Profiler coach (previously known as R2), I will take you through the process of the assessment tool that looks at your energy, use and performance of your strengths. This will help you identify your realised and unrealised strengths and how these can be activated to support your motivation and enjoyment in activities in your personal and professional life. Great insights are made for how you can flourish and thrive when in order for you to feel energised and be productive individually, in teams, and with within organisations.

Why use a strengths-based approach?

Research shows that when people use their strengths, they enjoy a number of personal and professional benefits. People who call on their strengths more often:

  • Feel that their thinking and actions are more authentic

  • Are happier and more confident

  • Have higher levels of energy and vitality

  • Have higher levels of self-esteem

  • Experience less stress

  • Perform better and are more engaged at work

  • Are more likely to achieve their goals

  • Are more resilient and effective at developing and growing themselves

  • Are more about to self-regulate emotions and behaviours when under pressure

What you will get

  • Online Strength Profile assessment (30 - 45 minutes)

  • Your personalised Strength Profile report

  • Analysis of your Strength Profile report

  • One-On-one coaching session (90 minuses debrief session)

An online Strength Profile assessment that has you dig deep into your performance, use and energy. The Strength Profile is underpinned by the science of positive psychology and has been developed to help you become aware of your realized strengths while also addressing your learned behaviors and unrealized strengths.

Post assessment you will participate in a one-on-one debrief coaching session tailored especially for you. In this session face-to-face or virtually I take you through your Strength Profile and assist you in making links to how your realised and unrealised strengths can support and serve you. We will unpack those strengths that are learned behaviours and those that are weaknesses and not serving you so well. We’ll spend time unpacking and exploring the strengths and what they mean for you as well as connect to your goals and set an action plan that has you on the way to the next steps of flourishing.

This session leads well into Project You or one-on-one coaching addressing specific strengths and goals identified.

If you are interested you can book at

Want to know more about Strengths Profiler you can access the background here.

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What others say

“WOW I had no idea I could shift the energy I had been feeling. I was lost, tired, exhausted, and now I feel like I have a way forward and I now know how to do this”. - Rachel

“I had a few surprises in my profile and Narelle spent the time to unpack these and help me realise how much I can shift what I am doing to allow me to meet my goal. I feel really energised and light, I know what I need to do and how to do it. She shakes the pom-poms for you – Narelle supports you through every step as you process and put into practice”. - Phillipa

Narelle is so attentive and picked up on my unrealised strengths and how I use them in ways that I had never thought of but makes so much sense when we talked through how they could look for me. I has many Ah ha moments! I had never invested in myself before like this and I have to say I wish I had done this so much earlier”. - Jason


Strengths Profile Individual (Phone or Virtual debrief) $375 + GST

Strengths Profile Individual (In-person debrief) $425 + GST

Strengths Profile & One-day Workshop for Teams (minimum group size - 10 people) $495 + GST per person