Social media for learning

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Social media for learning is one of the best resources available to us. There is a wealth of access to content that supports our growth for learning and access to networks. Active participation, or even being an elegant lurker, allows for the engagement that can trigger ideas, inspiration, connections, and possibility. The chance to explore ideas connected to current thinking or interests is prevalent.


Coaching and workshops are available in:

- One to one or small group coaching to focus your specific needs with social media for learning

- Practical workshops on establishing profiles, brand, and exploration of how to network to support learning

- How to to explore hashtags and Tweet Chats to support learning

- How to create a social media communication and learning strategy (approaches, protocols, who, what, how, audience, use of images, parental permission, student engagement, staff engagement, purpose, etc)

- How to build your confidence and flow to tweet, pin and post

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